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Should I Replace a Moldy Carpet?

08/05/2014 Back To Blog

Cleaning up one’s carpet is never an easy or fun thing to do. Whether someone accidentally spilled a drink over it, or if a naughty pet urinated on it, busting out the odor removal or stain removal products is always a stressful time. However, despite the short comings of working on a dirty carpet, realizing that your flooring now has mold is another thing entirely. Generally when someone sees mold on their carpet, it is immediately thrown out, no questions asked. It is a perfectly understandable reaction.

Should I Replace a Moldy Carpet?However, just because the carpet is growing mold does not necessarily mean that it is time for a replacement. Some would think that seeing a small moldy patch on the rug and throwing it out right away would be a good thing, as it is catching the problem early. As a matter of fact, one needs to do the exact opposite. Catching the mold before it gets worse is well and good, but throwing it out isn’t truly solving the problem, it’s counter-productive.

Not as Difficult to Remove as You Think

If you are lucky enough to catch the mold in the beginning stages, then perhaps water restoration will be enough. After all, if there is very little mold then it can easily be cleaned the same way one normally cleans a rug. However, if the mold is beginning to spread and there is a sizable amount, don’t despair. There are mold removal products out there which are made specifically to deal with such a problem.

It’s true that home carpet cleaning becomes more than a small headache once you see mold growing on your prized flooring, but that never means that it is time to throw in the towel (or carpet, in this case). Chances are you can still deal with the mold; you simply need the right product.

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