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Brief Description of Carpet Shampooing

10/29/2013 Back To Blog

Carpet shampooing is one of the older methods of carpet cleaning, although it has declined in popularity since the 1970s as other methods, such as foam encapsulation and steam cleaning, became more technically feasible. Still, when looking to make a carpet seem brighter, smell nicer, and look cleaner, shampooing is definitely the way to go. This method of is still used by some residential carpet cleaning companies and homeowners loyal to this old standby who believe that its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.Brief Description of Carpet Shampooing

This method works in three simple steps. First, the detergent, or carpet shampoo, is applied to the section of floor that a person wishes to clean. Second, a machine will be used to agitate the detergent into the fibers, which will clean the dirt off of them. Once the detergent or shampoo has been applied and agitated to all of the area, it is sucked up by a vacuum and pulled back out of the carpet. This means the sticky cleanser will have captured the dirt and left the surface clean.

There are a few different detergents used for this process. When choosing the right one for the job, try to select eco-friendly products when possible as these will be safer for your family if any residue is left behind in the carpeting. Some carpet shampoos are actually made using the same chemicals as hair shampoos. The foam created by the shampoo should be stable enough to clean out the carpet, leave it looking better than it did before, and spread evenly so no one area becomes overly foamed.

Pros and Cons of Carpet Shampooing

This form of carpet cleaning does have a few drawbacks. When the cleanser is applied, it by necessity is sticky so dirt can be attracted to it. While this is great for cleaning purposes, if there is any left behind by the vacuum, it will be stuck to the carpet as a sticky residue. It also does not offer as much of a deep clean as other methods do, so it will need to be repeated more often. Also, the optical brighteners will eventually dull the overall color.

The primary advantage of the shampoo technique is that it will leave the flooring looking very beautiful. There are visual brighteners built into the detergent which enhance the look, and definitely draw compliments. It also works great for odor removal because they shampoo will wash away lingering smells. For these benefits, people continue to use this method.

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