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If you don't know what to do with a stained rug, keep reading. We have answers to the most peculiar questions.

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page, where we are free to provide the best answers to your questions. The page contains the best products to use, the best services to avail, and the ways to maintain and fix your carpets in a cost-effective manner.

  • Will a cleaner with wax give tiles more luster?

    You should know that wax is damaging to tiles. It is best if you avoid such cleaners altogether. In general, it is extremely important for you to read the label and to pay close attention to each and every ingredient. Tiles can be polished with the help of dry cheesecloth. The extra effort that you will put in will be worth it.

  • Do stains destroy carpets?

    Yes, stains are basically an attack against fibers. Since most stains are stubborn, you will have a hard time removing them. That's why stain removal is required at once. If not, fibers will become stiff and lose their soft touch. Bacteria will also attack them and they will lose their beautiful colors. The best solution according to our professionals in Granada Hills is immediate carpet stain removal.

  • How can I avoid carpet fire damage?

    Most problems begin with sparks from the fireplace. If you have rugs, place them farther from the fireplace and, in any case, place fire protection. Fire damage is also caused by cigarettes or matches. So, watch out when you use matches to light the fire. Fire damage restoration is possible but not all problems are repairable.

  • Bubbles appeared on my carpet after being cleaned. What should I do?

    These bubbles or ripples usually appear as the carpet dries up. They will go flat after some time, and they’ll practically be gone once the whole carpet is dry. This is because the carpet needs to be re-stretched before cleaning.

  • What are the common health problems caused by carpets?

    Most health problems are related to the development of different forms of allergies. It will also include sudden asthma attacks and many people have talked about major respiratory problems. Lack of carpet cleaning and pet stain removal will also result to severe breathing problems. Health issues will be worst with people, who are allergic to dust, and small kids who are more sensitive. Pet hair will also make people sneeze and cough.

  • What should I do before placing rugs on the floor?

    You should clean well the floor but you must also check there are no moisture problems around. This is the most important thing according to Carpet Cleaning Granada Hills because you want to avoid water damage. Most carpets come dusty from stores, where they remained exposed to the environment for long. Carpet cleaning is recommended before you place them on the floor to avoid transferring the dirt from the store into your house.

Carpet Cleaning Granada Hills

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