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Pet Hair Cleaning

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Microfiber is a great fabric option for many pet owners. Its smooth tightly woven surface repels moisture and allows users to wipe away mess before stains can set in. The majority of microfiber fabrics are also very good at keeping pet hair on the surface, making it easy to brush off.Pet Hair Cleaning

It can be a popular option over leather, as it's generally more affordable and softer to the touch, with a smooth velvety feel.

Issues with Microfiber Cleaning

The problem is microfiber also attracts hair. Strains will seem to stick and gather on the surface of your microfiber couch, even if you have a "no couch rule" for your pets. With excessive hair build up can come oil stains, dust collection and odors.

Many microfiber materials will have very specific cleaning instructions. Some will be highly damaged if cleaned with anything other than a hoover. So what you can be left with is a dirty odor ridden couch or blanket that can't be washed with any type of domestic solution.

Expert Hair and Odor Removal

When microfiber furniture is in bad shape, it requires a professional cleaning service. This way your upholstery will be cleaned of dirt and hair without the risk of damaging the fragile fabric with the wrong methods. All microfiber fabrics can be completely cleaned, but they require specific techniques and solutions.

Trying to clean it yourself with normal domestic furniture or fabric products is likely to create damage to the fibers that cannot be repaired. Count on our team at "Carpet Cleaning Granada Hills" for professional cleaning solutions and perfect results any time!

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